The Monk’s Kettle to Lower Prices and Change Menu Structure

On our very first beer list when we opened in 2007, we had a section called “Grampa’s Suds” in which we offered $2 cans of Olympia. The aim was to offer, not just a beer for every palate, but also one for every sized wallet. Over time we decided there wasn’t much value in keeping a cheap, low-quality corporate beer on the list and we dropped that section. But now, on the verge of our ten-year anniversary and reflecting on our role as a neighborhood tavern, we want to revisit the core of the idea.

Over the last decade, just as the personal cost of living has gone up precipitously in SF, so has the cost of business. While there are well-known increases like wages (53% higher now than when we opened), there are many lesser-known expenses that continue to rise as well. As our costs increased over the years, they were passed along as higher and higher menu prices to the point at which we find ourselves today.

Now that we are about to celebrate ten years on this corner of the Mission, it’s a good time to reflect upon our own mission in the neighborhood. Our goal as a craft beer and wine tavern is to be a fun gathering place for those who live and work here. And while we are proud of the atmosphere and the overall product we’ve created, we need to ensure that our pricing is accessible to our clientele, and we feel the need to improve in this area. And so, on November 6th, we are implementing a variety of changes to our beer and food menus that features lower pricing overall.

On the beer side, the most significant adjustment will be a price reduction on all our draft pints, with our most expensive ones dropping $1. Other drafts will also be adjusted at varying degrees, but more than anything, expect all our Pales, IPAs, Ambers, etc, to be priced less than they are now. Additionally, we will Grampa’s-Suds-ify our bottle list: lowering prices overall, but also offering a bottle/can option under $6 for all of the styles that we are able to (without sacrificing quality).

On the culinary side, we have refined and simplified our food menu to better offer the full range of experiences we provide. We have always been both a bar and a restaurant and our menu reflects that: we offer gourmet pub food ranging from Snacks & Shareables to the full complement of Salads, Burgers & Sandwiches as well as Entrees, always with the option of suggested beer pairings. Our Snacks & Shareables section of the menu will now feature past favorites, like a housemade pickle jar and fried oysters. The sandwich section will be supplemented with the new additions of a Tuna Nicoise sandwich and the Monk’s Lamb Burger. Prices in this sandwich section will all be lowered and additionally, to increase the range of options and price, they will now be offered a la carte (fries/mixed greens are optional). More than anything, we want to meet our customers where they are and whatever their needs today: whether for a quick bite or a drink, or for a full meal among friends, whether in our cozy tavern with us and the full service experience, or in the comforts of their own home by ordering to-go. We think this menu allows us to do all of those things.

We opened the Monk’s Kettle in 2007 with the intent of being a neighborhood tavern and we feel in large part that we have succeeded. The challenge before us is to bring you that same quality of experience and product, despite rising costs, at a price that is more accessible. With ten years of experience under our belts, we are confident in our ability to be efficient in our practices and could not be happier that we can offer a better value for our clientele. We appreciate the support we have received over the last ten years and hope to serve our neighbors better than ever in the decades to come.