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Wine Selections



2013 Pinot Noir/Chardonnay Mary Elke Brut Hopland, CA 13 / 50

Classic characteristics of light minerality, crisp and bright green apple make this a great California sparkling wine.


2011 Vermentino Giornata Paso Robles, CA 11 / 42

Dominant acidity with pronounced stone fruit and mineral notes.


2012 Pinot Gris Handley Anderson Valley, Philo, CA 12 / 45

Stone fruit flavors and aromatics of baked apples give finesse to the round and soft body of the wine.


2011 Chardonnay Madigan Napa Valley, Napa, CA 10 / 38

Dry, rocky and not a bit typical of a California Chardonnay… a truly unique wine.


2012 Pinot Noir Klee Willamette Valley, OR 11 / 42

Light and airy body pave the way for the balanced acidity and red fruit to shine through, with no oak to get in the way here.


2009 Cabernet Franc/Gamay Noir Bebame Red El Dorado County, CA 11 / 42

The best of both grapes, peppery from the Cab Franc and tart juicy red fruit from the Gamay.


2007 Syrah Scherrer Russian River Valley, CA 12 / 46

Smooth soft tannins balances the peppery dark blackberry flavors with a tactful jammy herbaceousness.




2013 Malvasia Onward Suisun Valley, Napa, CA 50

Crisp with great palate cleansing acidity, this wine is packed with floral citrus notes that compliment it’s lightly sparkling character.

2012 Riesling Radio-Coteau Sonoma Coast, Sebastopol, CA 62

Minerally and dry with nice acidity, this wine has citrus and wildflowers to balance its invocation of chalky sandy soil.

2012 Gewurztraminer Phillips Hill Anderson Valley, Philo, CA 54

All the sweet fruit on the nose that you would expect yet on the palate, the acidity and dryness of this wine shine to balance out the aromas.

2013 Vermentino/Grenache Blanc Edmunds St. John “Heart of Gold” Fairplay, El Dorado County, CA 40

Exotic aromatics and mouth feel, this mineral wine holds fruit and salinity in equal parts.

2009 Chardonnay Caraccioli Santa Lucia Highlands, Paso Robles, CA 47

Crisp and clean with light oak tannins, and a palate clensing acidity. Recalls an Old World style Chablis.


2011 Pinot Noir Onward Redwood Valley, Napa, CA 64

A Pinot to remember, its aromatic and with great finesse of flavor and freshness, yet rustic in character.

2011 Red Wine Blend Sun Hawk Farms\ Salinia Wine Co Blend Santa Rosa, CA 53

Herbaceous and meaty, this wine is aged in Acacia barrels with all wild yeast and makes for a very unique wine.

2011 Cabernet Sauvignon L’Oliveto Alexander Valley, CA 39

Dense and dark, with explosive aromas of roasted nuts, anise and black plum, balanced well by its tannins.

2011 Zinfandel Bucklin Sonoma Valley, CA 46

Lighter in body than a typical Zin with great tannins that make this wine a quintessential California Zinfandel.

2010 Grenache Samsara Santa Ynez, Lompoc, CA 67

Lots of olive on the nose with tart red fruit and dry herbs on the palate give this big red is complex with moderate acidity.

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