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About Us

The Monk’s Kettle opened its doors in December 2007, at the forefront of the craft beer boom now sweeping the Bay Area. Named after the world’s first craft brewers, Belgian Trappist monks, who brewed beer in kettles, The Monk’s Kettle is an upscale neighborhood tavern in the Mission District that offers a broad and balanced craft beer selection and sets the standard in pairing beer with food. Focusing on craft beer and upscale American cuisine, we carry a comprehensive list of 200 rotating beers (28 drafts, 1 cask engine and around 150 in the bottle, including 15 vintage selections from the cellar) in a wide range of beer styles, but specializing in local and Belgian brews. Our kitchen rounds out the experience with culinary pairings that highlight flavor profiles of the impressive craft beer list. And our friendly and knowledgeable staff will seek to educate you about the world of beer, and guide you through the tavern’s extensive beer and food offerings.

Our Aim

A beer for every palate. A well balanced and carefully curated list with most styles represented with the best offerings available to us.

A well trained and highly educated staff. All employees are highly versed in the list specifically and in the craft beer world generally. Each employee receives an intensive education upon hire, complete with rounds of testing. Tasting and product notes are shared with the staff on a weekly basis for every beer we serve; tastings and tests continue throughout their tenure. The company also pays for all staff members who pass any level of the Cicerone program while working for us. Staff members are also highly trained in the art and science of craft beer/food pairing.

Proper beer service. Coolers are set at 40, 50 and 55 degrees to ensure all beer is served at its proper temperature. We use dozens of types of glasses, including many proprietary glasses, to optimize the beer’s enjoyment; all glassware is polished clean then rinsed to ensure its beer-readiness.

Clean Draft Lines. We cannot stress the importance of clean draft lines for good tasting beer—this needs to be the industry standard. We clean draft lines between tapping kegs; every two weeks the entire system and all its parts are broken down and scrubbed. It’s nothing you can see but makes all the difference.

Owner, Christian Albertson

Christian has worked and excelled in every position in the restaurant business over the past 20 years, in many different types of places: New York, Boston, Boulder, and San Francisco.

He spent time at The Mountain Sun Pub & Brewery and the Parish Café before moving to San Francisco. Christian teamed up with partner, Nat Cutler, and the duo created The Monk’s Kettle in the winter of 2007. Christian started off working shifts throughout the restaurant including behind the bar, working the floor, and managing shifts. Not only did Christian build the team, and put together a staff, he also developed the operational systems behind one of the city’s busiest and premier gastro-pubs. Christian oversees the buying and cellaring of all of the beer, and spends a great deal of time training his team on how to best pair beer with food.

The Monk’s Kettle has become known nationally for its beer program, receiving recognition from GQ Magazine, 7x7 Magazine and many others.

In his free time, Christian spends time with his wife and two kids.

Owner, Nat Cutler

Nat was born and raised in Seattle WA, but chose the Bay Area as his home at the start of 2007. Armed with a BA in Economics from Claremont McKenna, and absolutely no restaurant experience, he planned to team up with partner Christian Albertson to open The Monk’s Kettle later that year. Fortunately, he was able to cut his restaurant teeth with a brief stint at San Francisco institution Zuni Café, as well as hone his beer acumen with the help of City Beer Store, before Monks opened its doors.

Nat spent the first two years of Monk’s life splitting time between bartending, managing, and creating and overseeing all administrative aspects of the company: accounting systems, budgeting, financial analysis and any other random tasks that fell his way. Since then, he has removed himself from floor duties to focus all his efforts on creating a long-term, sustainable model for the efficiency and growth of the company.

The Monk’s Kettle has become known nationally, receiving recognition from GQ Magazine, 7x7 Magazine and many others.

In his free time, you can find him with his wife and two daughters.

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